My perfect ways to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon FBA

Find a Profitable Product To Sell On Amazon is no more complicated because today I will give you a 2021 gift with complete product research on amazon FBA so let’s get started.

Hey what’s going on everyone I’m Muhammad Ikram and in today’s article I’ll be providing you how to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon FBA and this will be a complete guide to every single method that I know that works right now in 2021.

If you just found out about selling on Amazon Amazon FBA or online business in general and you want to know the best ways to actually get ahead you know with the starting to actually sell on Amazon finding a great product to sell then this article is for you.

My journey on Amazon FBA

I was first getting started with online business in 2017 when back then there was almost no information on making money online now it seems like everybody and their grandma has a special technique or method or hack to sell on Amazon and everyone’s talking about it on different platforms.

Beginners Problem to find a Profitable Product To Sell On Amazon

Find a Profitable Product To Sell On Amazon is the problem if you’re a beginner and you’re looking for actual good advice on getting started with your online business getting started with living your dream life you know actually starting a passive income business that will allow you to quit your nine-to-five job and specifically getting started with Amazon you’ll notice that most of these articles, videos or social discussions out there are from over a year ago.

Many of those who made them aren’t even around anymore many of them are only around for about a year or even only six months and they were all posting the same recycled content had new product research how to create a listing how to get a bar code all the same stuff and what happened was after they ran out of ideas.

They just got a bunch of people to join their overpriced course they got lazy and disappeared and that’s the problem too many people out there and online businesses are only here for the short term gone just as fast as they came and that’s not the way to succeed.

My personal overview

One of the things that I’ve personally learned in my own online business journey is that the person who is in it for the long term wins no matter what no matter what the person who practices his craft every single day and who remains past all of the fly-by-night errs all the fly-by-night people the people that are just they’re you know kind of treating it as a joke or some kind of a scheme those people that are there for long term they’ll always win and that is the true key of success with any business including selling on Amazon.

Before we actually get into the content of this topic “find a Profitable Product To Sell On Amazon” the exact product research techniques and I truly want you to succeed I want you to have the correct right pieces of information actually get started with Amazon I want you to promise yourself not me yourself because this for your own success that you will be there you’ll stay for the long term you will commit to building a successful Amazon FBA business that will make you potentially 10K to 30k dollars per month or more.

I actually made this promise to myself when I was getting started in early 2017 when I just embarked on my Amazon FBA and online business journey and I’ve stuck to it ever since I was never there for the short term because I knew that you know if you kind of expect success to come tomorrow or the next month it just won’t come and that’s how unfortunately most people think in this world today and through following that long term mentality.

I hope you see that there really is massive potential in starting and building an Amazon FBA business now and that to succeed you have to be there for the long term you have to treat this like a real business because it is you’re building an actual asset you’re going to have a physical products business and also what’s very important is to get your information from the right source.

Someone who’s actually been in the trenches for years such as myself so I’ve been doing this for years I’ve seen it all I’ve tried all the different product research methods out there and since I want to give you the best possible chances to succeed on Amazon in the long term not in the short term.

Long term success as Amazon seller

Long term because we’re all about you know having a business that will actually make you passive income for years to come not just next week or next month I’ll be revealing to you every single product research method that I use actively to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon now and that works and most of these are locked behind expensive overpriced courses.

I understand like not everybody has the starting budget to actually pay for those courses you know and most of them aren’t even good most of them are pure garbage so that’s why I’m writing this article for you.

Before going to our main topic find a profitable product to sell on Amazon read my golden rules.

My Golden Rules

Now before we get into the methods I’m going to talk about the two golden rules that I found of successful product research on Amazon.

Golden Rule one

Golden rule number one selling products that people actually want to buy products that provide real value to people who would have thought right you can always look for all the best methods the best nice the best product research tax whatever you want to call it but nothing else beats this.

So if you sell a product that people actually value and do that while being able to build a brand in your chosen niche or the target market you’ll have raving fans that will keep coming back and so that’s been my biggest secret I found no matter what I tried no matter how I try to change you know or kind of game the algorithm or whatever you know Amazon sellers do.

I realized that nothing can beat selling a product that customers actually want to buy and are ready to pay for it and so that’s what I do every single product that I sell when I’m doing the product research I ask myself look well customers actually get real value from this and what do I have to do to this product to actually give real value to customers in this market while also being able to build a brand in the future in the long term.

Golden Rule Two

Golden rule number two add your own unique improvement differentiation or spin on the product every single one of us has the blessing of having our own creative mind and power and I’ve discovered that using our own creativity to make the product different and better than the rest of what’s already available on Amazon is one of the major keys to long-term success.

The problem is that if we just go and let’s say we just look find a product opportunity on Amazon we’re like okay yeah you know let’s say barbecue gloves right that’s a fantastic product .

I always use that example but you know barbecue gloves well what happens is that you know every single one of us is just going to go and sell barbecue gloves and we’re not really putting any of our own improvements any of our own talents you know every single one of us has like the creativity that we can actually apply to this and that is what will allow you to win.

if you actually use your creative mind as well as you actually sell a product that people want to buy that is how you win on Amazon that is how you win at any business actually and that is how you’ll be able to build something that will put money in your pocket for the rest of your life.

You’ll be able to sell later potentially even pass it on to your children and some of the best ways that I found to actually improve the product be able to actually do this because you know you can say Ikram I’m not really creative like I have no idea how to actually improve a product honestly it’s much easier than you think right you really just have to accept that.

It’s going to take a little bit of work to get this thing started right but having an online business that pays you passive income every single month there’s nothing better than that honestly you know there’s like no job can beat that obviously that’s what people dream up.

Find suppliers on Alibaba

The first example of an amazing improvement that you can do is find a new and better design of the product on Alibaba calm which is the largest manufacturing website in the world and that’s where we go and find our suppliers if they’re in China you actually don’t have to go on there and find your suppliers.

If you want you can source from the United States you can even source from Europe from anywhere in the world actually just by using Google and I’ve done that many times and it works great just for some products that make more sense but you can always find a better design from somewhere you just have to do your research everything is at your fingertips with the Internet today and on Alibaba you know there are things coming out that aren’t even available in the rest of the world.

Like China is really far ahead right now if there’s only a certain design of a particular product that’s available on Amazon then you know try to go and see like dig through Alibaba and see maybe there’s a better design order a sample which means just order like one unit to test it out and then you’ll be able to see if that’s actually better or not and then you’ll be able to be the first seller on Amazon who starts this new brand with this new better design.

Improve the product by fixing negative feedback

The amazing thing about Amazon is that you can just see all the product reviews so just by going in and clicking the one star ratings on Amazon you can see what people are complaining about and then you can just carry that on to your supplier and you can explain them hey let’s let’s work on fixing this and then another way would be getting better material right.

So higher quality material another way would be branding the product better so this is huge right so having it better listing better photos. I go into any product any niche I always look to make sure that I am like the apple of that niche and if you go and take a look at the prices of Apple products which are 2 times the 3 times higher than their competitors you’ll understand the power of branding.

Many sellers on Amazon don’t understand that so just by branding it better a lot of the time you can make a lot more money and get away you know without making any significant other improvements like the design or anything like that and finally researching the market to find unfulfilled needs.

For example, let’s say that you find a beauty product let’s say it’s beauty for like elderly people then you can just go and you know ask like your grandma or ask someone else in the target market right ask some seniors in your community I’m sure that you somehow someway have access to the target market that you’re looking for .

Just ask them what they would like to see in their products now the whole point of this is that we all add our own uniqueness to our products so that we don’t end up just you know copying and pasting each other that’s not going to work in the long term.

You know I can be fake about it I can say hey you know let’s just go and find a product and just copy that it doesn’t work anymore it’s not 2017 this stuff is you know might have worked back then but it doesn’t work now anybody who tells you that that works is obviously is no idea what they’re talking about and these two golden rules are always ignored on Amazon FBA especially by beginners.

That’s why if you know these rules you’ll be so far ahead already I would say about 95% of people actually not talked about this because they just have no idea they’re not long-term in their approach and they’re here today and gone tomorrow so now I’m going to give you a list of all the product research methods that we’re going to cover in this article and some of these are free some of these require paid tools.

I’m going to talk about that I know that maybe you don’t have the starting budget to actually afford a paid tool or just totally fine but you know there’s obviously huge advantages to that if you’re willing to invest a little bit in yourself and your own success then you’ll obviously see the payback in the results of your business but each one of these are the best product research methods that work today right now.

Jungle Scout Lab VR Helium 10 black box

For anybody out there who wants to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon and if you combine them with the two golden rules you will be winning you’ll be so much better off than any other you know amateur Amazon seller someone who is certainly serious about their success or their future.

Here’s a list of them the jungle Scout Lab and the helium 10 black box which is actually the same product research method just using two different tools now if there are any tools that I’ll actually recommend for a beginner getting started with their to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon.

Which one is best to buy jungle Scout Lab or the helium 10

Out of all those out there on the market jungle scout and helium 10 are the best in my own experience it’s what I use every single day now you definitely don’t have to buy both you don’t even have to buy jungle scout or helium 10 like I said we’ll be covering some free methods so that you don’t have to rely on paid tools.

But if you’re selling in the US or Canada or you want to sell in those market places because if you’re selling you know from anywhere in the world as long as you are on the approved Amazon countries list you know doesn’t matter if you are in let’s say France or in Germany or in Canada you can actually sell in any Amazon Marketplace.

So for that, I would recommend if you’re selling on Amazon calm or which is Canada then use jungle scout to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon.

if you’re selling in Europe then use helium 10 and if you’re selling worldwide then definitely get both to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon.

I highly recommend getting one of these tools is because then you’ll be able to see exactly how much money how much revenue how many sales of the product is making per month on Amazon or else if you don’t get those tools then all you’re going to be able to see is the best sellers rank and you know you can potentially make some estimates off that and this will help you to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon.

Honestly, I have no idea how to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon it would be very difficult and these tools just make it so much easier to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon. It’s up to you but if you’re gonna get at least one part of them there are different plans at least then you will be set the second product research method we’re going to cover is the best seller’s new releases list this one is fantastic.

First Product Research

Jungle scout is for the US and Canada helium 10 is for Europe and then the final product research method is the storefront so let’s jump right into the very first product research method to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon. It will require either a jungle Scout or helium 10 then I’m going to show you which plan to get because there’s no need to overpay for your plans of course if you use the links below you’re gonna get a discount.

The best discount available for helium 10 and for jungle Scout so if you scroll down and then you click on the discounted links then you’ll be able to go to these websites jungle scouting or helium 10 and easily find a profitable product to sell on Amazon.

I recommend getting Suite plan for jungle scout because this gives you 20% off three months of the jungle Scout Chrome extension.

Jungle scout pans to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon

find a profitable product to sell on Amazon

I said we all need that at least to figure out exactly how much money products are making on Amazon and also it would give you three months of their product database which we’ll use for this method and helium 10 has the exact same thing right here you’ll have to get the platinum plan which is $97 per month.

Helium 10 pans find a profitable product to sell on Amazon

find a profitable product to sell on Amazon

I know you might be thinking oh I don’t want to pay for any tools you. But, if you try to go and do this without tools you’ll have no idea which products are good you’ll have no idea which products are making money which ones are good opportunities and you’ll just end up losing thousands of dollars spending money on products that end up a complete waste of money and time.

Buy Jungle scout or Buy Helium 10

Amazon Product research with Jungle Scout

So for the first method, I’ll show you is jungle Scout and then I’ll show you the equivalent of helium 10. Follow the steps below to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon.

  • Let’s go to find products on the product database
  • Go and search for products on every single Amazon Marketplace United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, France

if you’re wondering which marketplace do I start selling on I recommend you don’t decide that yet I recommend you actually do some product research on some of the marketplaces.

You can start doing research and find a profitable product to sell on Amazon in Germany where I can always just use Google Translate there’s also an English version of Amazon in Germany that you can just easily switch the website to and then you can do the same for France and Spain Europe is a fantastic opportunity right now there are about 750 million people living in Europe that’s double the population over double the population of the United States.

So a huge opportunity just in Europe and then Canada is also good. Just really depends on you know the competition the demand right obviously US is the most amount of customers and Europe also has a huge amount of customers Canada has a bit less but less competition as well so let’s start with the US for the categories we’re gonna select the best private labeling categories.

This article is teaching you the private labeling method of selling on Amazon which is the best in my opinion in my experience basically it’s the only one that allows us to build a long-term real business since we’re actually building a brand.

So, in that case, we’re going select the best ones are arts and crafts and sewing baby beauty and personal care and then cell phones accessories this one will throw you a lot of like iPhone cases and stuff like that which that would not be the best product idea unless you find some really unique design.

I wouldn’t do that actually have an active brand in this market and it’s actually a product that nobody probably can’t even think of but it turned out to be a fantastic opportunity and that I just actually found that through my own product research so computers and accessories can sometimes be good we’ll leave that off you’re not going to private label computers and then we can go and click on electronics health and household home and kitchen industrial scientific can be really wacky.

Like you’ll find a lot of weird products in there they’re really interesting products but for this one, we’ll leave it on and then the kitchen and dining let’s do office products patio lawn and garden Pet Supplies sports and outdoors so wasn’t a home improvement and then toys and games you can also select.

Just all of the best private labeling categories like we’re not going to try to sell books because Amazon’s got that pretty well taken care of as well as CDs and vinyl we’re definitely not going to go and create our own mixtapes I mean maybe for some that works but not for me or at least none of my experience.

So for now the price that I recommend selling at I recommend you know looking for higher prices because if you are selling your product that’s let’s say under $12 that’s like the cost that your customers are actually paying for it then after the Amazon FBA fees because they take a few fees you know they take some fees when they’re actually shipping onto product it becomes really hard to make a profit and the ideal profit per unit is about ten dollars per unit.

The most ideal price range that I found is above twenty-five dollars but you can get away with it you know selling a product movie for twenty maybe for fifteen that would be more of a volume of volume opportunity so in that case you just have to make less profit per unit.

I recommend like if you can’t find products in the range which you surely can. But let’s say you want to go for higher ticket products then just go ahead and search above sixty-three dollars above sixty-five dollars any product I mean the higher you go the more profit per unit it is the more expensive it is a source on Alibaba as well or wherever gonna source it from but that all depends on your starting budget.

Basically what kind of market you want to be in now for max revenue am in revenue the typical range that will go for minimum at a minimum I’ll put in here like six-eight seven-eight let’s say just you know summer run that number and then for maximum I’ll put in like forty-three eight seven.

But I’m not going used this entire range in this actual search because that will show us a ton of products instead I recommend either focusing on something that’s between like thirty and forty between twenty and thirty or between you know six and twelve that way you’re focusing on one product range obviously might be wondering.

Let’s just go for the higher revenue right then we’re going to make more money the problem with that kind of thinking is that you know if you have one product making 40k per month on Amazon that’s great that’s fantastic but honestly I’d rather have like four products making 10,000 a month on Amazon instead of 140 because then that spreads out my risk between four products.

If something happens to one of them my supplier can’t really produce it anymore or competition comes in which will be very hard to beat me if I follow the golden rules well then you know that way I’m safe.

When I first started out people were really obsessing over reviews they thought that you know reviews were like the holy grail of finding a good product you know not over 50 reviews yeah like that works in the early days of the gold rush but to be honest with you right now if you follow the golden rules then you’ll be able to give you with products with thousands of reviews and I’ve done that myself.

It’s all about branding a product I’m sure that if a new phone company came and created a product that is five times ten times better than the Apple iPhone if they could compete with Apple even though Apple has the target market right even though Apple has the market and that’s my case spoon point like that’s the power of building a brand and selling products that people actually value in want to buy so for in this case I’m just gonna put in.(Continue)

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