How can I monetize Blogspot in 2021

Monetize BlogSpot in 2021 is possible or not. Some people confused about that but in this article hopefully, you will get your answer. So, let’s come to our main “How to monetize BlogSpot in 2021“.

What is Blogspot(blogger)?

BlogSpot is a blogging platform offered by Google. BlogSpot is totally free no domain or hosting needed for BlogSpot blogger but your domain is in when you create BlogSpot blog.

How to create a BlogSpot blog?

Blogpost blog creating is not a difficult. Just follow steps and create BlogSpot blog in 5 min.

  • You need one Gmail account for creating a BlogSpot blog.
  • Then goto >
  • Then Enter a simple fill some spaces and click on create a blog.
  • Your blog is ready. You can create posts videos and whatever you want.

How to monetize BlogSpot in 2021

You can monetize BlogSpot in 2021 in different ways, like through advertisement, through affiliate marketing, but here today I tell you about the advertisement.

Through advertisements, you can monetize BlogSpot in 2021 through google AdSense. But, for Google AdSense, you need to follow Google AdSense program policies and for applying on google AdSense your blog must be at least 6 months old. But, the best thing is when you eligible to apply on Google AdSense you see an AdSense apply button in your BlogSpot dashboard. But for earning through Google Adsense you need to wait for 6 months.

But don’t worry I have a solution for you to monetize your BlogSpot blog. You can use other Adnetworks like adstera. Adstera is the best solution for you because you don’t need a top-level domain for getting adstera ads. Another good thing about adstera is instant approval of your BlogSpot blog.

Adstera supports a lot of formats of ads like Banner, popups, notifications, social bars. You can use whatever you want. you can use a lot of other ad networks. But for this, you need to buy a top-level domain name and paint this domain to your BlogSpot blog and apply for other ad networks like propeller ads, pop ads, bidvertisers, revenue hits.


You still earning using BlogSpot in 2021 with a top-level domain or without buying anything only using free domain. So, don’t think more about it and start your BlogSpot blog in 2021.

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