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My Perfect Email Marketing Techniques that work in 2021

Finally today I share my perfect email marketing techniques that convert every single dollar into 35$ to 40$ that invest in email marketing.

Before going into details we need to know about email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

According to MailChimp that world’s most popular website in email marketing:

The use of email within your marketing efforts to promote a business’s products and services, as well as incentivize customer loyalty. Email marketing is a form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services.

Purpose of using Emails

Some people use emails to connect with their relatives or friends or some basic purpose. But, Businesses uses it to connect with their customers.

Power of Email Marketing

As I know a lot of people thinks that why email marketing today social media is more powerful like Facebook or twitter. The perfect answer of this question is provided by McKinsey.

According to VentureBeat, email is the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers.

Email Marketing Techniques

Some important email marketing techniques that work in 2021 are given below.

  1. Perfect way to collect emails
  2. Device friendly
  3. Perfect timing
  4. Writing technique
  5. Short but amazing content

So let’s discuss how to use these 5 skills to make your email marketing techniques most perfect in 2021.

Perfect way to collect emails

If anyone starts email marketing then the first step for this is to collect more emails to get a higher result and grow their audience that profitable for you. But, the most important thing for this is anyone can collect emails like if I set a target to myself that I collect 1000 emails, then I can collect no doubt but the important thing as I say above is time. How much time I take to collect 1000 emails. If I collect 1000 emails in 3 months and another user collects 1000 emails then obviously your campaign is bad and not more effective.

In other words lowest number of users trust on you as compared to others and result is you lost your purpose.

So, you need to attract peoples with compelling offers, and for that, you need a Lead Magnet. Lead Magnet is very important but here we can’t discuss it because I think this is another topic we discuss in another article. Here, I say only that you need to create a new unique collection of emails. You can check others’ way for ideas and choose good points from these and also count bad points and then make your way more perfect and unique that works.

Device friendly emails

Another point for making your email marketing techniques more powerful and effective is to make your emails device-friendly. Device-friendly emails mean, these days users of computers down every year, and mobile users increase. So, make your emails device friendly if a desktop user or mobile user both open your email they found a responsive email on any device.

This way is very important for now. If you look for others they also keep in mind this point.

Pick perfect time

Perfect timing is also a very good point. If you send emails in hours that are not perfect for your users then you can’t get result as you expect from your subscription list. So, keep in mind pick a perfect time for email marketing.

Writing technique

Writing technique is also a powerful point for email marketing. If you send emails to users in a way that people read your emails and they don’t understand basically what you want from your subscription list or what you say to your subscribers.

The result for this a lot of subscribers unsubscribe email subscription and result of it you lose two things one CTR and other subscriber. So keep in mind writing technique and try to use simple way.

Short But amazing content

Last point but valuable in my email marketing techniques in 2021 is use short content. Don’t make your email lengthy try to short it.

Also, make your content amazing or interesting that people read it by interest and they understand quickly what you want to inform to subscribers. This method increase CTR (Click through Rate). That results in grow your revenue.

I hope these perfect email marketing techniques useful in 2021.


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