My perfect ways to buy products online

Buy products online is a trend in the current lifestyle. But people don’t know in the online market millions of dollars fraud is also occurring. Top stores also on this fraud list.

I know a question in your mind “millions of people shop online from top stores”. That’s the right question but some biggest stores like, amazon, eBay not sell their own products. People register store and sell products through amazon or other top stores. These companies just provide space and in return, they get a commission on every sale.

Let me explain It, people register on any top store as a seller. These top stores already have high traffic also these stores have an affiliate program. So, website owners also add these products on their sites as an affiliate member of any top store. So, a seller has a big benefit to these stores instead of making their own stores, and store owners get a commission from every sale up to 20% per sale.

In some cases online stores not measure the quality of products or in some cases product health or other things mentioned in product listening. They just save the commission from the product. But some big stores added some special features to save buyers from fake or bad sellers.

So, today I explain these features in-depth but in some cases, these features also prepare through spamming from the seller. I explain some important functions and I hope you like it.

How to buy products online in a safe way?

  • Keep in mind what you want to buy online.
  • Just go to any store like Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, or any other store.
  • Search for the product that you want to buy online.
  • copy your product name and check it’s the price in 4 to 5 stores.

Now next step is started that’s very important for you.

Before order check some features

To buy products online after completing steps above you need to check for rating, sale and reviews of the products.

As you saw in the above picture check product rating in stars but in some cases as I mention above product rating is also fake. Some new sellers want to rank products and for this, they pay some users for getting ratings for their products. Must check how many people rate this product. As in the picture above 5909 people rated this product and the rating is 5-star means this is an acceptable rating.

Don’t be trust on products that have rating below 30 and also check stars 5star rating.

Check product review?

Before buy products online, the second most important thing is to check product reviews. Review does not means rating. Review means what buyers say about this product after using this product, also keep in mind reviews may be paid in some cases so check at least 20 reviews.

Check buyers discussion

Before buying any product must open the buyer’s discussion and check what people say about this product. This option is not available in all stores but available in some big stores like amazon. So, if you try to buy products online from amazon then must check the buyer’s discussion about the product.

If buyers gave a higher rating to sellers then amazon also mentions it is a best seller. It means this seller is highly trusted. You can buy products from this seller.

Benefits of online shopping

  • Shop anything in your free time no compromise with your busy time.
  • The whole market is in your device to check out whatever you want at home
  • No pressure
  • No crowed issue
  • checkout the same products on multiple stores and compare prices.
  • easy decision.


Is it safe to purchase items online?

There are daily stories of online fraudsters and hackers, but the truth is that cybercriminals are less likely to get a hold of your credit card details over the Internet than they are over the phone, through the mail, or in a restaurant. Even so, safe online shopping requires an extra measure of vigilance.

Are there any dangers of buying things online?

The risk of ‘Specialized Malware’

The most common causes of data loss or theft stem from exposure to malware. Malicious software enters a machine through email attachments, downloads, infected websites, infected devices, and more.

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