6 perfect ways to promote Clickbank products without website

Today I’m going to tell you 6 free ways to promote Clickbank products without website and the best part about this is you don’t need a website and you don’t need to go and run advertising.

Usually when you promote Clickbank products or any type of affiliate marketing product you’re usually going to need a website to get traffic to that from Google or you’re going to have to run advertising and I understand they’re not everybody wants to do that and not everybody can do that so I’m going to tell you 6 perfect ways to promote Clickbank products without website that I’ve used in the past and some of them I’m using right now.


For get traffic to affiliate marketing products and Clickbank products so if that’s what you’re trying to do online make money with Clickbank or just make money in general then you can use these free traffic sources completely free to sin traffic to these offers.

Now some of these methods you wouldn’t have heard of before and I’m going to go through them step-by-step but the best part about this is anybody can actually go and do this you just need to go and put any time to make this happen.

Listed below 6 ways to promote Clickbank products without website

These are completely free traffic sources and you don’t need to spend any money on there. So, let’s get started.

Method 1: Facebook Profile

Number one is something that wasn’t really used in the past to promote Clickbank products without website by a lot of people but it’s really starting to get popular now and it’s something that you’re already using every single day anyway well most likely you are using it and this is actually your Facebook profile but what I mean by your Facebook profile is you can actually optimize your profile so people click on links without being spammy and things like that.

Go to some top selling pages like go to Clickbank official page or profile or visit some other online shoping stores and check out comments. All users that comment on Clickbank product likes to buy products online. Open their profiles and send them friend requests. You can add upto 5000 friends in one facebook profile. If you make 5 facebook profiles then you can add upto 25000 freinds means 25000 peoples that love online shopping.

Now share affiliate products links in your profile. This is one of the best way to do it in my opinion at the moment because your friends are naturally going to see the link and if your post on Facebook and stuff like that then other people are going to see the link as well when they go to your Clickbank profile so this is one of the best ways and I recommend you do this by simply optimizing your Facebook profile to get clicks to links. I hope this method to promote Clickbank products without website is unique for you.

Method 2: Facebook Groups

Now tip number two is to actually go and use Facebook groups but use it in conjunction with your Facebook profile so most people are going to go and spam Facebook groups like hey come and click my link and stuff like that we actually put up a story on Instagram. yesterday I’ll see if I can pop it up with someone that into our group that’s never going to happen.

What you can do is if you actually provide value in groups so there’s actually a moderator in one of my groups he provides value then what happens is people click on his name and they go to his Facebook profile where he has affiliate links or his own product so you want to go into related groups and do not spam

If you’re going to spam don’t even bother promoting Clickbank don’t even bother trying to make money online it’s not really going to work for you but what you want to do is want to go into these Facebook groups and they want to provide value and you want to reply to people’s questions just like a normal human being would okay just reply and people will naturally click on your Facebook profile so you’re getting traffic from Facebook groups to your Facebook profile where people could potentially click your affiliate marketing link.

These two combined together are a deadly combination to actually making Commission’s with Clickbank and a lot of people are doing this now because it works extremely well because the days of spamming are just gone and they don’t work anymore so number one and number two join them together Facebook page optimize it and then Facebook group you can actually take people from the Facebook group and send them to your Facebook profile and get Commission’s that way.

Method 3: YouTube Review

Now number three is one of my favorite method to promote Clickbank products without website and we’re on this platform right now and this is called YouTube now you might be thinking I don’t want to do YouTube and stuff like that you don’t actually have to show your face on YouTube it’s not really necessary.

What you want to do on YouTube is you want to take the product to name and you want to kind of put review at the end of it so let’s say for example it’s a product on Clickbank right now called the 12 minute affiliate you can do a review 12-minute affiliate review when people actually go to that when they search that and YouTube and they might see your particular video they’ll go into the description and they’ll click the link.

The reason YouTube is one of the best traffic sources for a flip marketing and products and things like that is because it’s the second biggest search engine online you don’t need a website and videos get multiple traffic sources not just search traffic they get search traffic suggestive views browse traffic channel views and they get other traffic sources as well so you have multiple traffic sources and you can grow a channel quickly but not only that you’re actually getting traffic consistently from different channels.

If you had a website on Google it could take time to build that up now it would take time on YouTube as well but you can actually have videos that can go viral very quickly or you can add videos that just get a nice trickle of views consistently all the time. I recommend to you must try this method to promote Clickbank products without website.

Method 4: forums or message boards

Number four is something that I used to promote Clickbank products without website a very long time ago I don’t really do it now because they I simply just don’t have to I built my business a lot bigger but if you are a complete beginner to affiliate marketing or clickbank this is one of the best ways to do it you want to go to forums or message boards related to your niche or the product that you’re promoting.

Once again you do not want to spam if you’re going to do that don’t even bother with this but what you want to do is you want to go and add value just be a member of the community like a normal member don’t do anything suspicious or anything else be a normal member reply to people’s questions give value by giving tutorials or something like that then in the signature of the forum have a link to a Clickbank product.

People are going to come in for this article and they may be like Oh Ikram I get banned from doing that and all this stuff I guarantee you 99% of the time the reason is is because you go into these forums and you go hey guys check out my link and that’s why you’re gonna get banned and it will happen and then you’ll blame me.

So you want to go to these forums and this is actually the same for any traffic source just don’t spam and you won’t get banned it’s as simple as that was pretty catchy so anyway I might actually use that as a slogan on some of my products that I promote because I’m always telling people not to spam so anyway in these forums you want to give away value and then you’ll get sales in return.

It’s as simple as that do not spam your link put your link in the forum signature its inconspicuous and you’ll get clicks and make sales. Hopefully this method is also helpful for you to promote Clickbank products without website.

Method 5: Instagram

Number five is something that really works quite well right now and this is Instagram so what you want to be doing is you want to actually go and start an Instagram based on a specific niche so let’s say for example you start an Instagram page on cute dogs or something like that right.

Let’s just say dogs and you’re going to start this Instagram account on dogs now you just want to build it up and a bit of a tip is to actually use videos at the moment they’re getting pushed more in the algorithm but just go and grow this Instagram page just post daily use hashtags hashtags are working very well.

Now they’ve kind of changed the algorithm reverted it back a little bit so hashtags get pushed more you want to go and build up an Instagram on a specific product or niche then in Clickbank go and find a product on maybe dog training or best dog tricks yes they do actually have those products in Clickbank and then go and put the link in the profile and people will naturally just click that over time as they check out that profile.

But you actually have to stay consistent and stick with it because if you don’t how do you expect to make money you can’t let’s go and post one picture two pictures and a speak to make money it’s just not going to happen. let’s checkout last method to promote Clickbank products without website.

Method 6: Pinterest

Number six is Pinterest Pinterest is essentially like Instagram you’re going to kind of do a niche profile but the best thing about Pinterest is it’s completely different to Instagram and the fact that it’s actually a search engine.

People can actually go into Pinterest negative and specifically searched something and your pins could show up so the first step is you want to obviously pick a product you want to go to Pinterest and start an account based on that product or that niche and then you want actually go to canva.com.

If you actually create pins for free and you wanted to start posting pins okay that’s what you want to start doing the start posting pins and naturally you will get organic traffic if you want actually boost up quicker you can use a tool called tailwind and tell when you can automatically schedule your pins we actually have accounts right now that get hundreds and thousands of views per month because we use tailwind to schedule pins and people click on our products.

So Pinterest is a really good wave that you can go out and get traffic to these affiliate links now but ever fear warning some people do say that their Clickbank links get banned on Pinterest now there’s no actual specific terms that say you can’t have an affiliate link on Pinterest in fact they actually say you can have affiliate links on Pinterest.

But if you do find that you get banned then for this particular method you will have to use some sort of bridge page okay or clicked an email first so that would require you to have a website or some sort of funnel but you can actually still post Clickbank links just some will get bad.

I think it just depends on the product like make money stuff probably isn’t really the best stuff to promote on Pinterest. So those guys were six top three ways you can go and build affiliate marketing commissions with Clickbank obviously you’re not going to make Commission’s quickly. But after little bit of time get a good commission.

I hope you enjoy these methods to promote Clickbank products without website.

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