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My 5 perfect techniques that Boost Gaming Performance – Android

How to boost gaming performance in Android? Yes, good question and when it comes to gaming on smartphones we all want a phone which should be hang and shouldn’t be heat up. As a gamer, we want better performance from our smartphone while playing a game especially when you’re in quarantine, so gaming is the best option to spend time and that’s why this article is for you.

So when we spend more hours playing games then we need to boost the performance of our phones. Luckily here’re some tips to boost gaming performance in android smartphones.

How to boost gaming performance in Android

Faster Internet Connection

So if you’re serious to boost your android smartphone gaming then the 1st thing you need to do is getting a faster internet connection. Without a better and faster internet, you can’t play games smoothly.

If you play online multiplayer games like PUBG or Fortnite on your Android smartphone the speed of the internet affects your game performance. This is because games need constantly to send and receive data from the server. So if your connection is poor then it will take too long.

So if you’re a lover of online multiplayer games then you need a high-speed connection it could be a wifi connection or from a cellular/data network to keep your gaming experience lag-free.

Modify the screen refresh rate

The most important rule of thumb: the higher the screen refresh rate, the better your gaming experience. This is because you get overall better visual feedback from your games, with silky smooth animations.

All Android smartphones are not capable of tweaking the screen refresh rate. But if you’re using Samsung or One Plus then you can do it as both companies have that option in their smartphones. So what you can do, All that you have to do is to change the screen refresh rate to the higher possible number that your device offers.

How to check if your phone support screen refresh rate

  1. Go to settings and tap on Display
  2. Select Advanced
  3. Tap on refresh rate
  4. Select the higher possible number of refresh rate
How to customize screen refresh rate in Android

The higher refresh rate will also consume more battery then normal, but for gain some you have to loss some.

Clean Up Your Android Phone

The main reason of slow performance of your phone is storage, As the more files in your phone, the slower your phone gets.

If you want to improve your gaming performance the you have to get rid of files that are useless. Android phones also collects junk from uninstalled apps, loftover, and old media files which you have to clear for better performance.

You don’t need any external app for clearing the Junk, Just follow the below steps to get ride of from Junk and unused data.

  1. Head over to Settings -> Device care, and tap Storage
  2. Free up storage by deleting unused data, such as rarely used apps and unnecessary files
  3. Delete files and documents by simply selecting them and pressing the Delete icon
How to clear Junk from Android

Use A Gaming Booster App

You got that right; there are actually apps out there now that can boost your gaming performance for you.

These game booster apps tweak various options on your phone to ensure your phone can play games smoothly, and they’ll also shut off notifications so you don’t get interrupted while playing. You don’t need to manually optimize each option as the app does that for you with a single tap.

One of the most popular options here is Game Booster, which is a free game optimization app that you can use to make your Android phone as game-friendly as possible.

Game Booster for Android

Use Gaming Accessories With Your Android Phone

In addition to the software, you can make changes to your hardware to improve gaming on your Android device.

For example, you can get an external game controller to play games on your phone. This controller will help you better control your moves in your games.

So, We have explained to you how to boost gaming performance in android and above are the 5 tips which will help you to boost your gaming experience on your android phone.


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