The Best Course Platform for Less Than a Dollar Per Month

Too often hear people say that they have nothing to teach the internet, but far too many times it is simply not the case. And that is a shame because online courses can make a lot of money for you and actually promoting them online to those who are looking. But it doesn’t happen overnight and it won’t happen without some sort of effort on your part. That is where online course platforms come into play. These platforms allow you to easily and quickly create online courses right from home using the power of online video production.

Let me explain what exactly an online course platform is and why it is considered to be one of the top online learning platforms. This type of online course creation software allows you to upload video files called videos into the system that the system will then turn into live content whenever it is active. You could also add audio files as well as documents into the videos and these can all be synchronized in the background so that you can view everything in real-time. Now the best thing about this online course creation software is that it works by itself, it does not require any additional plug-ins or downloads. With the video files alone it could potentially earn you thousands of pounds per week or even hundreds of thousands of pounds per month.

How would you like to own a high-tech website which not only entertains but educates as well? If you want to do so, you should think about the idea of teaching people how to use Thinkific software products. The problem with doing this is that unless you have plenty of training or some kind of online course you won’t know how to implement what you have learned. Thinkific however, provides you with a great online course “how-to” guide complete with a free practice test, practice report, guided review, and full curriculum. The first step when learning to teach online is to get your hands on a free Thinkific mini-course.

When I say free I mean that the platforms provide you with everything you need to go from being a novice online teacher to an expert teacher. The Thinkific courses are available for download so there are no download costs associated with using the program. Once you have downloaded the course you only need to sign up for a practice account and once your account is active you’ll be ready to begin teaching. The transaction fees associated with teaching via the Thinkific platform are very reasonable. This fee structure is comparable to the cost of publishing an eBook for eBook rental.

What makes Thinkific stand out from other online platforms is that they provide their teachers with a free email account that can be accessed during the course. Teachers can also take advantage of free video lessons and online lesson sharing resources that can also help to boost their teaching productivity and build a reputation with their students. In addition, teachers can also create an online portfolio where clients can see what their students have accomplished. Once you set up your classroom on the Thinkific platform you’re all set ready to start teaching and making valuable online income.

Another plus point for using these platforms is the diversity in the types of courses you can teach. These are targeted towards a specific population who already have an interest in diversity and in education. You don’t need to have any prior teaching experience to teach on these online platforms. The training provided is focused and specific, which will ensure that you can connect with people who have all sorts of interests. Whether you are trying to increase your online exposure as a social media star or trying to build relationships with local students, these platforms offer a great way to connect with a diverse population of learners who have an interest in learning.

If you’re looking to get into online courses for-profit and teaching others online, then you should definitely check out the Thinkific platform. They offer you the best course platform for less than a dollar per month with no limitations. They also have other free features such as video lessons, lesson notes, games, worksheets, practice tests, and much more for just $5 per month. If you find the free Thinkific trials go on too long without finishing them, then you won’t be able to keep your membership so make sure you take your time and try out the different features before paying for the service.

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